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Contact Centre Services

Looking for points of growth in sales? Looking to provide quality customer support? Don't want to waste your calls? Use the call center services for incoming and outgoing calls. Organize more effective communication with customers -order professional call center services!

Our company provides services:

1.Virtual office

The virtual secretary is a remote control of incoming calls. With the "virtual office" call center service, not a single call to your company will be lost! Calls will be received on time, subscribers will be informed according to the agreed scenario. The customer's specialists are not distracted by receiving calls and go about their tasks. This is very convenient if the nature of your work does not provide for a permanent presence in the office by the phone.

2. Hotline

Don’t you like working as a secretary? Can’t handle calls?Do you want to receive calls on weekends and holidays? Use the call center "hot line" service! The hotline is a single multi-channel number, calls are received by trained call center operators. Our operators will not only take the call and answer subscribers' questions, but will also be able to place the customer's order and then transfer it to the customer's employees.

3. Informing

Don't have enough time to call subscribers? Order information service by phone in our call-center! Our operators will definitely call the specified phone numbers and inform your subscribers. The conversation script will be agreed with the customer, and the results of the call will be available not only in the form of a report, but also in the form of recorded audio files.

4. Telemarketing

Do you want to increase sales? Not ready to spend huge amounts on advertising? Try telemarketing - selling goods and services over the phone! Entrust telephone sales to call center professionals and make customers at the entrance. Telemarketing is the basis for attracting customers in many business areas. We know how to sell over the phone and we do it with pleasure!

Our company employs:

1.Team leaders and operators

2. Call center manager

3. Quality Analyst

4. Operations manager

5. Trainers

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